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2015/05/04 = The Master System
Many of you are probably familiar with The Master System, a 3D action game starring Yuna and Sera, made by Rockman Striker. The project is currently on hiatus, but like Reaverbot Beatdown, there's a newer build out there that hadn't been updated here on the Arcade. Needless to say it's here now, so check it out.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2015/03/26 = Beatdown Shares Its Assets
Fresh off the recent news about Reaverbot Beatdown, the developers of the project have been kind enough to share the assets of their project now that they won't be continuing the game. There's some great models and textures in this pack, featuring loads of structures from Teomo City and even a few reaverbots. If you're in need of some models for a Legends fan game, animation project, or whatever, this is full of cool stuff! You'll find it on the Arcade's Resource Models page.
- Category: Game Creation Resources

2015/03/19 = Beatdown Shutdown
Does everybody remember Reaverbot Beatdown? It was a cool and promising little game that first appeared on the web in May last year. Unfortunately its cancellation back in December kind of went under the radar. On the upside however, the developers also had a newer build of the game from last July, which they've now submitted to the Arcade. This release features Barrett's sprinting ability, and moves him from the previous generic environment to a fairly detailed rendition of Teomo City that the devs were working on. There still aren't any reaverbots to beat down, but just to run around is a great little taste of what Legends 3 would have been.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

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