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2013/11/28 = Get A Shovel!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Just thought I'd drop a line or two to let you all know that I meant what I said about Megaman Digger back at the beginning of October. I haven't been able to work constantly or intensely, but I've made a point of keeping at it whenever I can grab a bit of time here and there. I've added and improved all kinds of things for the game, but much of my work has become focused around the thought of delivering a new demo. Yes, it's a definite plan now! I AM WORKING TOWARD A NEW MEGA MAN DIGGER DEMO!!! I don't have a release date in mind yet other than nearish future, but I'll get there.
- Category: Game Development

2013/10/10 = Home Page Upgrades
I've been displeased with the SPA home page for quite some time, and have finally taken steps to move things toward a more suitable format. Things are better orgaized, and instead of sort of mirroring the games page, it now displays a featured title randomly. Cleaner and more visually stimulating, I hope.

While I'm here, I might as well say that I've been chipping away at Digger a little each day, cleaning up and carrying more things over from the old engine like the in-town portion of the intro, the shop, etc. Here's to progress!
- Categories: Web Site Update & Game Development

2013/10/06 = Diggin' It!
Yesterday over at GetMeOffTheMoon they were live streaming some games from the Sky Pirate Arcade. It made me happy to watch and see people enjoying my work, and it inspired me to work on Megaman Digger today. I've now carried over the stage select and boss introductions from the old engine. It was rather funny doing so, to see what a craptastic mess those bits were in the old file compared to what I coded today. Last night as I watched the stream, I couldn't help but cringe at how primitive so much of that demo is, but after digging around in the code again today, it amazes me that the MM Digger demo still holds up as well as it does after four long years. There's still a long way to go before this game's completion, but I hope to give you faithful few a more updated taste of the game before too long, if not in the form of a demo then at least a video. We'll see...
- Category: Game Development

2013/07/25 = Here's To Another 5
Can you believe it? Today Sky Pirate Arcade turns five years old! I am both elated at the coming of this landmark and how far the site has come in that time, while also disappointed that I have unfinished projects here that are nearly as old as the site itself... I have nothing big to celebrate this occasion with, but here's some new Megaman Digger artwork for want of something greater.

- Categories: Web Site Update & Media Addition

2013/07/07 = Another Bit Of Digger
Megaman Digger's development has been dragged out far too long, so I've been making an effort recently to grab a little time for the game when I can. In recent days I've sprited a new reaverbot, converted another from the old engine to the new, and today I managed to carry over the intro mission as well.
- Category: Game Development

2013/05/07 = Independence Day!
It's a bit of a momentous occasion, but I don't want to be long-winded about it. To put it simply, Sky Pirate Arcade was created as a sub-site of The Main Gate, but TMG has gradually drifted and faded from its original purpose while SPA has grown into a very rich and full featured site.

Today the Arcade takes a big step, leaving The Main Gate behind to stand on its own. What does that mean? Well, symbolic significance aside, it means that the news updates will be posted here directly on the site from now on, rather than on TMG as they always have been.
- Category: Web Site Update

2013/05/03 = New And Improved Blumebear Demo
Back in 2005 I whipped up a pathetic little demo of a game called Blumbear's Maze Craze. In 2009 I used my infinitely more progressed Game Maker knowledge to recreate it with a new vision. It then became known as Blumebear's Great Escape. In 2011 I decided to move the project from 2D to 3D using Unity. Finally, I have now used my infinitely more progressed Unity knowledge to rebuild the game one last time. I present Demo Version 0.7!

Blumebear Servbot

Everything that was available in Version 0.6 is back and better than ever with improved graphics quality on the outside and a more solid engine on the inside. In the way of new things to do, there's a more expansive environment to explore, zenny to collect, and the ability to leave your Blumbear behind and run around on foot as a Servbot! I don't foresee anyone spending hours playing it, but hopefully it will provide a bit of fun and a better feel for how the finished game will end up. Enjoy!
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2013/04/10 = Blumebear Still Lives
It's been a long time since I last did any serious work on it, but Blumebear's Great Escape is far from forgotten. In the past few days I've been bringing the project up to date with the latest version of Unity, cleaning some things up with the coding and modeling knowledge I've acquired in the past couple of years, and I've been adding to it as I make adjustments.

Blumebear Servbot
- Category: Game Development

2013/03/15 = The Arcade Enters A New Era
Hard to believe Sky Pirate Arcade is rushing toward five years on the web already. Throughout the site's life there have been a good many substantial tweaks to its layout and internal structure that have gradually brought us to version 2.0 of the site's existence. This "new version" doesn't signify an entirely new layout design, but it does mark the start of a new direction for the Arcade. Up to this point we've primarily sought to bring you new Legends fan games, but now we're out to actively expand the Legends fan game scene!

SPA has always been open to outside game submissions, providing reliable hosting and a central hub for any Legends fan game creators to make use of. Now the submission guidelines have been streamlined and games may be sent in directly through email instead of through the MMLS Forums, making it easier for more people to share their creations through the Arcade.

Furthermore, SPA has always housed a very small collection of resource material for the aspiring fan game creators to use in their Legends projects. Our resources section has now been considerably beefed up with new content, and there's more to come. The most exciting addition is a new page for 3D models that are ready for use! We've entered an interesting era where there are more Legends fan games being made in 3D than in 2D, so hopefully this page's content will see some good use in days to come.

Sky Pirate Arcade also invites all of you to share your own Legends resources with the community through us! We know there are 3D modelers aplenty out there who do it just for fun, but wouldn't it be nice to see that work gain new life in a fan game project? Likewise there are many talented spriters whose Legends work could become the foundation for a new and exciting project! If just the material from cancelled Legends projects alone was gathered together, it could form a humongous resource for those with more time and enough ambition to see their works to completion!

Sky Pirate Arcade is doing all it can to expand the Legends fan game scene! Game creators and artists, we hope you'll join us in our efforts!
- Categories: Game Creation Resources & Web Site Update

2013/03/04 = Get Ready To Rock Elysium
Though this is nothing new to the community, it is to the Arcade. Today we welcome Rockman Striker's The Master System! If by chance you've yet to hear of it, it's an early but fully playable 3D action game starring the Mother Units. Be sure to check it out!
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2013/01/08 = Quite A Ride!
Wow, this has been quite a week for MML3 Servbot Roundup! I want to give a big, collective thanks for all the many gaming news sites out there that featured the game and all those that left us compliments and appreciation around the Internet!

This is definitely the Arcade's biggest success to date. Through all the exposure since the launch of v1.0, the game has been loaded in-browser nearly 2,000 times, with over 3,000 combined plays across the different levels!
- Category: Miscellaneous Other

Our latest game, MML3 Servbot Roundup, has received some serious upgrades! What we put out in just one day for Mega Man's 25th anniversary was pretty cool and fun, but we simply didn't have the time to make anything more than a bare bones, functional game.

Mega Man Legends 3 Servbot Roundup

What we have now goes a long way toward fulfilling the goal which sparked the inspiration for the game in the first place--to give players a little taste of what Mega Man Legends 3 would have been. We certainly hope you enjoy it!
- Category: Game/Demo Release

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