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2011/12/31 = The Ups And Downs Of Fan Game Development
It's time for that nearly inseparable pairing, good news and bad news. The good news is, we've got two new releases today! Both Trapped Box Rebellion and Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure have new demos out for play! TBR lets players toy around in its jump to 3D, while TL5IA beefs up the previous demo version with a lot of expanded and totally new content. Give them a play, and check out Foo-roo's Flight as well if you missed it.

The bad news? Ah yes. Well, if you visit the totally reorganized games page on the Arcade, you'll notice that a new section has been created for cancelled games. Two games have been moved into this category, and they are none other than those with releases today. Yes, Trapped Box Rebellion and Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure are both officially cancelled. TBR has been continually overshadowed by other, cooler Arcade games and TL5IA just wasn't working out the way we wanted. More on that tomorrow. We wanted to give them a proper send off though, hence the demos.
- Categories: Game/Demo Release & Web Site Update

2011/12/22 = Get Ready To Tear Your Hair Out!
It's been quite some time since Sky Pirate Arcade released a finished game. Well it's time to change that with a little something I've been working on here and there for a while. I've mentioned it here a few times, though not yet by name. Despite the busy holiday season I'm happy to finally present Foo-roo's Flight!

Don't get too excited though! This game is not for the impatient or faint-of-heart. In fact, I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it's the most unforgiving game ever. You play as a Foo-roo after all, which means 1HP, which means one hit and you're out. So, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I do think it's pretty fun once you learn the levels and so long as you take it slow and easy. Give it a try if you're feeling adventurous!
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2011/08/02 = Legends Law Suits
If you're here, chances are you're a Legends fan. If you happen to also be a Phoenix Wright fan, then you're probably going to love Ace Attorney Legends. And if not? Well, you'll probably still like it. The creators have put together three cases to play and they've done a great job of bringing the Legends characters to life and bringing in scenarios that every Legends fan is sure to enjoy.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2011/07/25 = SP Arcade's First 3D Release!
It's been a while since the Arcade first dipped its toe in the world of 3D. At last it's time for its first 3D release, in honor of Sky Pirate Arcade turning two today! Download and enjoy a new demo of Blumebear's Great Escape. It's a bit rough around the edges, but definitely worth grabbing.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2011/06/10 = We're On A Roll
What a great era for outside submissions this is turning out to be! Blyka, who is often involved with the Arcade's games, has come up with something all new on his own, separate from SPA's works in progress. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to play Bon Ball! It's a fun little game that will have players struggling for the perfect balance between haste and caution.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2011/06/05 = Update To Punt Or Pet
This is a little behind the times if you're an active community goer, but Press Start has sent in his newest and likely final version of Punt or Pet.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2011/06/01 = New RUSH Demo!
Well here's an unexpected surprise. MLT has delivered a new 0.3 version of his game, RUSH! This demo has some cool new features so be sure to read up, download, and give it a play!
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2011/05/29 = Here And There On This And That
I've slowed down on Megaman Digger, as expected, but I'm still working at it a bit here and there. My focus at the moment is obstacles, all sorts of things besides characters and reaverbots that Megaman can interact with.

Also this past week I've been re-examining some of the other Sky Pirate Arcade games that need desperate attention, and working a bit on them as well. In particular, I spent a day or so doing some pretty heavy graphic work for Skate Or Cry.
- Category: Game Development

2011/05/21 = The Full Scoop On Digger
All right, time for the full scoop on Megaman Digger! The short version is that I've started over on the project. The long version? Well, after pouring a lot of time into getting the 0.3 demo out for people to sample (Sep. 2009), I had to turn my attention to other projects and considerations for a good long while. As usually happens, it ended up being a lot longer than expected before I was able to dive back into Digger. I had literally gone about a year without even touching the game when I moved the project into Game Maker 8 and posted an intro video (Oct. 2010). History repeats itself and again from then until earlier this month I had not touched the project as my time was needed elsewhere.

Not only have I been busy, but every time I've even thought of putting a little work into the game I've been overwhelmed by the need to add certain dreaded aspects into an old and very messy file. The original coding from 2008 was terrible and even used Game Maker's drag-and-drop actions in some places (EEK!). Subsequent work sessions at such widespread intervals left the entire game with varying levels of coding quality. This is why I've started over on the project. Of course, graphics, music and a lot of aspects can and will be carried directly over, but the slate is clean to begin with.

For more detailed info on the new engine and its progress thus far (including screenshots), visit the forums and feel free to leave some feedback.
- Categories: Game Development & Media Addition

2011/05/13 = To Punt Or Not To Punt?
A new submission has found its way to the Arcade! Check out Mega Man Legends 3 Punt Or Pet, by Press Start (AKA Servbot 303). You can play it right in your browser and earn various ranks depending on how you react.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2011/05/07 = More Slight Setbacks With Digger
I've been working on Megaman Digger lately. Unfortunately the project had to take a few steps back on the path of progress, but it's moving forward again. More details before too long, I hope.
- Category: Game Development

2011/03/05 = Looking Forward To Tuttle
Everyone remember Tuttle's Little 5 Island Adventure? It was coming along pretty nicely and then bam, one thing after another came along with higher priority and it's been sitting silent for a long time. As the time of its revival draws near, Blyka and I have been discussing the game a lot lately and we're both very excited to get it back on track.

As most of you likely know I've been very busy recently with Legends Station, but I got so hyped on Tuttle talk that I took a day break from MMLS (could have used it anyway) and did some new graphical work for the game. We apologize for the lengthy wait for any word on this game. Once we have the project moving at full speed we hope to deliver an awesome update that will make that wait seem well worth it.
- Category: Game Development

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