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2010/12/20 = SuperDanny 2 Release Means More Arcade Time
The Main Gate gets pretty quiet around Christmas time, as I'm much too busy to be worrying about Legends fan projects. But today I want to spread the word about an awesome new game that released yesterday. If you're a fan of classic Mega Man or just enjoy fan games in general then you'll definitely want to check out SuperDanny 2 over at Blyka's Door.

If you aren't familiar with the name Blyka, he has been/is involved with several of SPA's games such as Launch the Drache and Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure. Even if you aren't into non-Legends stuff, this notice is still quite relevant, as SuperDanny 2 has been a major project that has been preventing Tuttle's progression up till now, plus it's also taken some of my own game making time away as I helped with SD2's development. So, good news for the Arcade!
- Category: Miscellaneous Other

2010/11/16 = What's The RUSH?
SPA is happy to welcome its second external game submission! If you haven't already seen it around the community then be sure to check out RUSH, a Legends MMO proof of concept. For an early demo it's a well-rounded game already.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2010/10/02 = A Glimpse Of Megaman Digger
The Main Gate has seen quite an increase in traffic since DASH 3's announcement. So here's something new for all you Legends enthusiasts, a Digger video showing a revised opening and newly added intro. Enjoy.
- Category: Media Addition

2010/09/25 = One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward For Digger
My, it's been a long time since we heard mention of Megaman Digger around here, no? It's actually been quite a while since I touched the game, long enough that I found it had some difficulties in moving to GM8 and playing on Windows Vista. I've sorted these issues out now and the game is back to making forward progress. For want of anything grander to show, I've added some new pictures to the game's artwork page.
- Categories: Game Development & Media Addition

2010/09/15 = Blumebear Gets Equipped With 3D Upgrades
I must apologize if it seems I'm always jumping back, forth, and around to different projects. It's my Aries nature.

Today I've added a new video to the Blumebear's Great Escape page. Formerly a 2D game with 3D rendered graphics, it's now going to true 3D. Check out the video to see the earliest testing in motion!
- Categories: Game Development & Media Addition

2010/07/26 = A Pint-Sized Adventure
After all this time, Sky Pirate Arcade has finally received its first submission from an outside source! If you haven't already seen it elsewhere be sure to check out Pocket Legends.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2010/07/25 = Prepare to Serv
I'm sorry things have been slow lately. Today is special though, Sky Pirate Arcade turns two year old! I've managed to put a little something together to celebrate the occasion.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2010/06/02 = Working
Just a quick update to let you know that the game project I mentioned at the end of last October has seen some major headway this past week. There's more work going into it than I originally anticipated, but that can only mean a better game in the end, right?
- Category: Game Development

2010/03/10 = Still Skating & Crying
Sky Pirate Arcade has been pretty busy behind the scenes. The most recent news to report is the latest on Skate Or Cry. It's been a long time since the last demo, but this game is not forgotten. In fact, it's been re-coded and received some major graphical updates thanks to Game Maker 8's new capabilities. Beyond that, I've just been adding to the game in general and have put up a few screenshots on its Arcade page to give everyone a look at how it's shaping up.
- Categories: Game Development & Media Addition

2010/01/23 = SP Arcade Goes 3D!
I have some pretty exciting news that I'm finally ready to share... After a year and a half of purely 2D ventures, Trapped Box Rebellion is taking Sky Pirate Arcade into the third dimension!

If you're wondering why TBR of all things, it's because 3D game creation is totally new to me and I want a project that's relatively simple to help me learn the ropes. This will open up the road to greater possibilities in time however, so I hope you'll continue supporting and coming back to the Arcade!


First glimpse of the new TBR can be seen in the form of some screenshots and a video (low quality) of it in motion.
- Categories: Game Development & Media Addition

2010/01/16 = Our Mimic Takes An Exciting Turn
Sky Pirate Arcade likes its unlikely heroes, be they a lone Drache or the mysterious Tuttle, but the ridiculous reaverbot Mimic takes the cake.

As the Arcade's first platformer it had a lot of potential for fun but Digger has stolen its spotlight. I've been wondering for a while how best to proceed with it.

I have nothing to show just yet, but I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know I've been working on it lately, and it's taken an exciting new direction!
- Category: Game Development

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