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2009/10/31 = This And That
Some long overdue tweaking has now been done to the site. There's been some major reorganizing and all of the individual games pages are now current with the new layout.

Sadly, I haven't been able to devote a whole lot of time to The Main Gate lately, but just the past few days I've made some serious progress on a new little game I've had in mind for quite a while. It will be a non-demo, complete release when it comes. Likely it will go unappreciated like Sart Farm Stampede, but I hope some of you will look forward to it.
- Categories: Web Site Update & Game Development

2009/10/05 = Sound Effects Served Up Special
There has been a lot of interest in sound effects over on the forums, so Sky Pirate Arcade is delivering! If you're looking to create your own fan game, head over to the resources page to grab the new additions, which include many Trigger, reaverbot, special weapons, and general Legends sound effects.
- Category: Game Creation Resources

2009/09/09 = Substantial Upgrades With New Megaman Digger Demo
It's finally here, an all new demo for Megaman Digger! There have been far too many additions and improvements to the game for me to even go into here. Just head to its page and check it out for yourself. I hope you all enjoy!
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2009/08/14 = Quiet But Not Still
I seem to have fallen out of practice with the posting of regular, smaller progress reports. So, I just thought I'd let you all know that after working on Blumebear and Tuttle for awhile, I've been back at Digger and going at it hard this past week. Graphics, programming, even music, I've been making great advances in all areas. A new demo may not be too far off...
- Category: Game Development

2009/08/08 = Tuttle Returns With Smoother Moves
Patience is always rewarded here at The Main Gate. After 4 long months of silence, Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure returns to the public eye!

This new demo release features the same basic ruins you may have played through in the previous release, but with a few alterations. More importantly, it showcases a whole new movement engine which gives Tuttle more speed and far greater maneuverability. Please download, play and let us know what you think of it!
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2009/07/25 = Old Project Gains New Life
Well, it's been a year since The Main Gate was reborn, which means it's also been a year since Sky Pirate Arcade opened up! It feels like things have come a long way in that amount of time.

In celebration of this occasion, I have a surprise. Some of you may be familiar with Blumebear Maze Craze, a sad little demo of a game made back in 2005. Well, the whole project has been given new life and a new direction. Please check out the new demo for Blumebear's Great Escape.
- Categories: Game/Demo Release & Game Development

2009/05/02 = Artwork For MM Digger
The Mega Man Digger demo has reached 200 downloads! To celebrate the occasion, I have revamped it's page on Sky Pirate Arcade with more in-depth information, and have decided it's time to start unveiling the artwork for the game.

Yes indeed, like any proper Mega Man game I decided that Digger should have its own set of "official art" to go along with it. The first of these have been added to a new gallery page accessible from the Megaman Digger page. I hope everyone enjoys it, though beware that this artwork could be considered spoiler material.
- Category: Media Addition

2009/04/17 = A Quick Word On Digger
Just popping in to let everyone know that Megaman Digger is still moving steadily forward. I've been making progress in a number of areas, but my most noteworthy has to be the Sub-Menu. There's more to it than can be seen in this video, but I don't want to reveal all items, etc. A lot of important decisions about the game's items and equipment were made in the process.
- Categories: Game Development & Media Addition

2009/04/10 = Stampede Incoming
Happy Birthday to The Main Gate! Website birthdays are funny, in that the webmasters usually use the occasion to give rather than recieve. Today's birthday-prompted update from Sky Pirate Arcade is a brand new mini-game called Sart Farm Stampede!
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2009/03/20 = Introducing Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure!
All right, the time has finally come! After all the mystery and intrigue, we present you with the first demo of Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure!

Do not be fooled by its name, this will be a major adventure by the time it's done. We hope you enjoy this tiny taste of what's to come. Puzzles, action, exploration, this game will have it all.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2009/03/15 = Megaman Digger Progress Update
The Arcade's been pretty silent lately, but rather than not having the time for it, it's simply a case of not bothering to post my progress reports here. There has in fact been a great deal going on.

Megaman Digger seemed to be an instant hit, and I'm pleased to report that a fair amount of progress has been made in these past months. Plenty of new graphics have been prepared and inserted, boss programming is coming along nicely, and I've even done some of the original musical remixes for the game.

In other news, the ever mysterious "puzzle" game collaboration with Blyka's Door has seen tremendous progress in recent weeks. We hope to release a small but exciting demo soon!
- Category: Game Development

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