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2018/03/03 = Major MML1 Model Resource Upgrades
A model exporter developed by Kion was recently shared with the community, and Xinus22 has used it to rip and send in loads of great stuff from the original Mega Man Legends game! You can snag these on the 3D Model Resources page. It would be great to see them used in upcoming fan games, videos, comics, or wherever.
MML1 Models Galore
- Category: Game Creation Resources

2018/03/01 = Cancellation: Blumebear's Great Escape
My apologies, but this has been a long time coming. Blumebear's Great Escape joins the ranks of other cancelled projects here on Sky Pirate Arcade. The decision was made months ago, but I had hopes of accompanying this announcement with something to take its place, a tiny mini-game of sorts, but I failed to find time even for that. So this is clearly for the best. I feel rotten about it, but I can't recall anyone ever publicly expressing any particular love for the project, so at least I'm probably the only one who does feel rotten about it.

Tuttle's Legendary Travels and Megaman Digger are more than enough to occupy what little time I do have for Legends fan games these days.
- Category: Game Development

2018-01-18 = The Return of Legal Legends
A few visitors to the site have noticed that the links to the Ace Attorney Legends cases have been broken for a while. The developer has now provided working links, so they're ready to play again.
- Category: Game Development

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