Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure

Status: Cancelled
Created by Blyka & fAB
Made with Game Maker
File Size: 6.90MB
Downloads: 1034
Controls Arrows to Move
Spacebar to Toggle Special Weapons
Z to Use Special Weapon or Interact
X to Swing Cane
Enter to Pause
Shift to Laugh
R to Reset the Game
F4 for Full Screen
The bizarre, cane-swinging digger with the purple hat is setting out on a grand adventure of Legendary proportions! Guide Tuttle through this maze style world as he navigates ruins filled with puzzles and deadly reaverbots to battle.

Full movement engine
Ruins filled with various puzzles to solve
Numerous reaverbots to battle

Planned for Future Releases:
Two special weapons
Nearly 100% custom graphics
Five islands of under and overworld exploration
Online Leaderboards

[Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure Title Screen][Exploring Gold City In 2D][Crate Puzzles At A Ryship Harbor][Ruin Entrance]
Additional Media:

Release Notes Version 0.4 - Publicly Released On 2011/12/31
The final demo features large expansions to both the overworld and ruin, as well as an opening cut-scene revealing some of the plot. Essentially, this contains most of what was finished before the project was cancelled.

Version 0.3 - Publicly Released On 2009/08/08
The 0.2 demo returns with a few new features and alterations, and a whole new movement system which has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Version 0.2 - Publicly Released On 2009/03/20
This release features a small, explorable ruin in which most of the basic game functions can be used. Even at this early stage, great attention has been given to the little details.

Version 0.1 - Not Released Publicly
An early engine test featuring location graphics planned for the finished game. It was shown only to a few people.