Launch the Drache

Status: Complete
Created by Blyka & fAB
Made with Game Maker
File Size: 9.63MB
Downloads: 2270
Controls Arrow Keys to Move
Spacebar to Shoot
Enter to Pause/Confirm
R to Reset the Game
F1 - F3 for Screen Sizes
The rivalry between Glyde and the Bonnes fills the skies with gunfire and explosions as a solo Drache pushes ahead to save the day!

Be careful not to fly out of the view as you pilot your Drache ship through wave after wave of Glyde's forces. Collect power-ups and work your way through each unique level and be ready for any kind of weather from sunny skies to severe lightning.

10 visually unique, action-packed levels of play
Encounter a wide variety of enemies and obstacles
Face off against the mighty King Glydon
Beat Normal Mode to unlock Hard Mode
Submit your scores to the online leaderboards

Leaderboards: Normal Mode Hard Mode

[Launch the Drache Title Screen][Battle Above the Sea!][Glyde's Forces Get Tougher][Frightening Lightning Mission Details]

Release Notes Version 2.0 - Publicly Released On 2008/04/11
The game was pretty well received from the start, and I hope it will be even more enjoyable this time around for new players and veterans alike. Here are most of the new features and upgrades:

- Now made with Game Maker 7.0, making it Vista compatible
- Increased screen resolution from 256x224 to 320x240
- Able to view at regular, double, and full screen size
- Improved graphic quality
- Tweaked audio
- General game engine improvements
- Addition of a Hard Mode (must be earned)
- New online leaderboard allows players to instantly submit scores to the web

Version 1.0 - Publicly Released On 2005/04/21
We present to you Launch the Drache, a fun but challenging game that derives its name and concept directly from the old Launch The Draches! website. After several months in the making, we certainly hope you all enjoy it!