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Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure

Icon Project Status: Cancelled
Created by Blyka & fAB, made with Game Maker
File Size: 6.90MB

The bizarre, cane-swinging digger with the purple hat is setting out on a grand adventure of Legendary proportions!

Guide Tuttle through this maze style world as he navigates ruins filled with puzzles and deadly reaverbots to battle.
Planned Features:
- Full movement engine
- Ruins filled with various puzzles to solve
- Numerous reaverbots to battle
- Two special weapons
- Nearly 100% custom graphics
- 5 islands of under and overworld exploration
- Online High Score System

Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure Title Screen Exploring Gold City In 2D Crate Puzzles At A Ryship Harbor Ruin Entrance

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Release Notes
Version 0.4 - Publicly Released On 2011/12/31
The final demo features large expansions to both the overworld and ruin, as well as an opening cut-scene revealing some of the plot. Essentially, this contains most of what was finished before the project was cancelled.
Version 0.3 - Publicly Released On 2009/08/08
The 0.2 demo returns with a few new features and alterations, and a whole new movement system which has been rebuilt from the ground up.
Version 0.2 - Publicly Released On 2009/03/20
This release features a small, explorable ruin in which most of the basic game functions can be used. Even at this early stage, great attention has been given to the little details.
Version 0.1 - Not Released Publicly
An early engine test featuring location graphics planned for the finished game. It was shown only to a few people.
Control Keys
Arrow Keys to Move in 8 Directions
Spacebar to Toggle Special Weapons
Z to Use Special Weapon or Interact
X to Swing Cane
Enter to Pause
Shift to Laugh

Function Keys
R to Reset the Game
F4 for Full Screen

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