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Trapped Box Rebellion

Icon Project Status: Cancelled
Created by fAB, made with Unity 3D
File Size: 7.58MB

A Mimic has grown bored with its monotonous ruin life and gone aberrant against the System.

Guide the rebellious reaverbot through this platformer, facing off against other reaverbots to eventually reach the surface and leave the life of the ruins behind.
Cancellation Notes:
The initial concept was a fun one, but Megaman Digger took over as a more serious 2D platformer. The project was then to become the Arcade's first foray into 3D game development, but Blumbear's Great Escape took over that as well. Due to lack of time and interest, it seemed only right to let the project fade quietly away at last.

Title Screen Mimic Fires Its Bombs Frontal View As Mimic Turns Approaching a Golbesh

Additional Media For This Game: Videos | Screenshots


Release Notes
Version 0.3 - Publicly Released On 2011/12/31
Cancellation release. This is a very rough demo, barely evolved from what was shown of it when the project was first moved to 3D. There are a lot of bugs and no objective, but it's something to play around with.

Version 0.2 - Publicly Released On 2008/07/25
At this point, this game is just a slightly modifed version of Blyka's Skull Man Example, but with Legends graphics. There's still a long way to go with this, but I'm hoping it will be a pretty awesome and unique game in the long run.

Version 0.1 - Not Publicly Released
At this point the game's concept had yet to fully form. Originally the Mimic's sprites were half the size, slapped into Blyka's Skull Man Example, with Legends and Classic tiles intermixed.
Control Keys
Left & Right to Move
Z to Jump
X to Fire Bombs
Enter to Confirm

Function Keys
F8 to Reset the Game

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