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Submit Your Games to Sky Pirate Arcade

We want Sky Pirate Arcade to become the undisputed hub for Legends fan game activity, and that means not only generating our own activity but also inviting outside submissions. We welcome completed games, projects in progress, and may even be willing to host cancellations if they reached a substantial point before their demise.

Have a Legends fan game you'd like to share through Sky Pirate Arcade? Excellent! We don't want to do anything to discourage you, but naturally there have to be a few guidelines so that we don't end up as home to a bunch of incomplete, pathetic game demos. Have a finished Legends fan game? Skip ahead.

Demo Guidelines
- First and foremost, this site is all about Legends fan games. A demo that contains non-Legends graphics with the intention of replacing them later with Legends graphics is not ready for Sky Pirate Arcade.
- Give the players a glimpse of the bigger game to come. This can be as simple as a one room game that shows off the lead character's motion engine, or as complex as a full level of play complete with enemies. A demo that is nothing but an intro (or similar cinematic, non-interactive element) is an example of a demo that fails to represent the finished project, and is not ready for Sky Pirate Arcade.
- Fix all major issues. If programming from scratch this may be difficult as some bugs and system incompatibilities may not be apparent on your system, but in a program like Game Maker or Unity it's pretty inexcusable. A demo that freezes, crashes without warning, or causes other problems for the player's computer is not ready for Sky Pirate Arcade.

When you're ready, just send an email our way and let us know about your project. If your game file is 5MB or less, go ahead and attach it to the email. Anything larger, please upload it to a hosting site and provide a link for us to check it out.

We'll look over your game and try to get back to you as soon as possible. If we feel it's unacceptable for the Arcade for whatever reason, we'll let you know. Assuming your game is accepted, we'll ask you to provide full details required to fill in our game page format here on the site.

Keep At It!
If you've submitted a demo to the Arcade, don't forget about it! We know it can be tough to reach the point of having a nice demo out and you may require a break from the project afterward, but try not to let it go too long. We and any fans you earn will be eagerly awaiting updates to your project, so let us hear from you and send in that next demo once your game has progressed some more.

Even if your project is slow moving, try to remember to drop us a line once in a while to let us know it's still active. If a demo sits on our site for two years without any sign of the game's continuation, we will assume the project is dead and move it to the cancelled games section.

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