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Seeteufel the Mighty

Icon Project Status: Complete
Created by Emeltee, Pitch & Blues, made with Java, using libGDX

Classic-style platformer action! Megaman has found the Klickelan Ruin refractor, and is just about to make his escape--when suddenly the Bonnes confront him in their new Seeteufel mech! Do you have what it takes to defeat their latest threat?
- Play as Megaman with his trusty buster gun.
- Battle the community-designed Bonne robot, Seeteufel.
- Put your platforming skills to the test, in this short yet challenging game!
- Discover an abundance of hidden secrets.
- Play in-browser or on desktop. (Java required for desktop version.)
- Enjoy exclusive 16-bit Seeteufel battle music remix by Dash Myoku.
- Make your own hacks and mods. The code written as part of this project is open source and freely available for any purpose.

Refractor in Sight Seeteufel the Mighty An Epic Battle Megaman in a Ruin


Release Notes
Version 1.1 - Publicly Released On 2014/01/25
Added a 16-bit rendition of the music track + bug fixes.
Version 1.0 - Publicly Released On 2013/12/02
Initial release made for The MMLS Summer Barbecue Community Event 2013!
Arrows/WASD: Movement
Space: Shoot
Shift: Pause
Backslash: Display FPS

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