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Sart Farm Stampede

Icon Project Status: Complete
Created by fAB, made with Game Maker
File Size: 8.41MB

The animals on Sart Farm are stampeding across the pastures! Catch as many of them as you can with the Bonne truck.

Lining up and opening the tail gate takes timing and precision while watching both the truck and gates' energy meters.
- 3 levels, each with increasing difficulty
- 3 types of animals move at different speeds
- Submit your scores to the online high score table

Sart Farm Stampede Title Screen Rounding up the animals A level completed Truck Broken Down, Game Over


Release Notes
Version 1.0 - Publicly Released On 2009/04/10
This project's main goal was to come up with something fun and fast, to provide a new game for Sky Pirate Arcade and hopefully show others that creating a good game doesn't have to be a daunting and time-consuming task. I hope it is well received.
Control Keys
Arrow Keys to Move
Spacebar to Open Tail Gate
Enter to Pause

Function Keys
R to Reset the Game
F4 for Full Screen

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