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Icon Project Status: In Development
Created by Emeltee, made with Multimedia Fusion 2
File Size: 17.50MB

This is a sort of MMO proof of concept, intended to demonstrate the proposed functionality of several playable classes. Inspired by various community discussions about how the Legends franchise could be tooled into an MMO. Each planned class will have different attacks and movement abilities, giving each one unique advantages in different situations, as well as access to different areas of the same map.

As of version 0.3, no scoring is done. On completion of the demo, the player is simply presented with a list of artifacts collected while playing.
- Custom movement engine allowing for double-jumping, edge grabbing, slope movement, and dodging.
- A smooth, clean art style

Features Planned for Future Releases:
- 11 playable classes
- A challenge mode with an online scoreboard.
- Open-source release

RUSH Character Select Get Your Kicks Reaverbot Explodes Refractor Found

Release Notes
Version 0.3 - Publicly Released On 2011/06/01
More bug fixes and graphical improvements. Changed my mind about the scoring system and removed it. Replaced the old rubbish movement system with a marginally less rubbish movement system. Slope movement is now gone, but may be added back later. Introduced status effects, water, destructible obstacles, and several new enemies. Added an info feed to announce location and inventory changes. Game now runs in fullscreen.

Version 0.2 - Publicly Released On 2010/11/14
Truckload of bug fixes and a few minor graphical improvements. New scoring system implemented that more closely resembles what's planned for the final release. Also put in a class selection and weapons info screen that's really just for show at this point because there's still only one class available to play. Other than that, this is mostly unchanged from the previous version.

Version 0.1 - Publicly Released On 2010/10/26
A relatively quick build put out for MMLS's 10-Year Anniversary forum event. Preliminary test of everything in actual game-like format and not just a debug room. Movement engine is done, and graphical style is on display. Features a single class (Digger), a single, multi-room ruin to explore, and three enemies (two mooks, one boss).
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