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Megaman Legends Reaverbot Beatdown

Icon Project Status: Cancelled
Created by tutsyroll & maximize, made with Unity
Win + Mac: 32.4MB

Many reaverbots have been appearing in different areas and their number are starting to get out of control. With the help of the unbreakable Barrett, control the reaverbots' population to prevent further harm!
- Classic Megaman Legends movement control/gameplay
- Play as the Megaman Legends 3 character, Barrett

Features Planned for Future Releases:
- Choose a level and reach the Boss
- Earn Zenny and buy weapons or upgrade your buster
- Beat your friends' high scores on different levels

Teomo City Market Street Police Station Barrett Takes A Leap Harbor On Klickelan Island


Release Notes
Version 0.2 - Publicly Released On 2014/07/26
Fixed animation problems, fixed colliders, added Teomo City (WIP), and added Barrett's sprint ability.

Version 0.1 - Publicly Released On 2014/05/02
A version just for prototyping to make the controls similar to the official games. There are a lot of bugs/glitches in animations and movement that will be fixed on future releases.
Mouse to Turn
Left-Click to Shoot
WASD to Move
Spacebar to Jump
Shift to Sprint

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