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Mega Man Legends 3 Punt Or Pet

Icon Project Status: Complete
Created by Press Start, made with Flash
File Size: 2.40MB

Game Description
Designed to show support for and spread the word about Mega Man Legends 3. It focuses on the one thing Mega Man Legends is really about; kicking stuff! There are cans, dogs, Servbots and more, including hazards. Pull off as many successful maneuvers as you can before the time runs out.
- No download, play right in your Internet browser
- Receive a rank based on your number of mistakes, your good nature, and how many overall points you earned.

Launch the Drache Title Screen Battle Above the Sea! Glyde's Forces Get Tougher Frightening Lightning Mission Details


Release Notes
Version 1.1 - Publicly Released On 2011/05/18
This version adds keyboard support and fixes some things.
Version 1.0 - Publicly Released On 2011/05/12
Mouse for "Punt" or "Pet"

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