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Pocket Legends

Icon Project Status: CANCELLED
Created by Karimn (Mir@k) D.K.I., made with Game Maker
File Size: 2.40MB

Pocket Legends tells a story, a story about Megaman and Roll's first adventures as a digger and spotter, join this adventure as Megaman gets lost into the depths of an ancient ruin with dangerous killer robots and rival diggers. A classic megaman-styled adventure with semi-3D graphics and lots of fun awaits!
- Custom GUI featuring current inventory items
- Talk and Interact with Data, Roll and very informative Sign Posts
- Have a glimpse of the flutter and visit a test dungeon
- 100% Original Music Soundtrack

Features Planned for Future Releases:
- Unlock towns and new dungeons as you discover maps inside ruins and dungeons
- Stores that let you change your buster's shot to different bullet types
- Online High Score System
- Plenty of sidemissions when you talk to people in towns
- Many things more

Megaman Faces A Golbesh Talk to Roll in the Ruins Bridge of the Flutter No Exploring the Flutter in This Demo

Release Notes
Version 0.1 - Publicly Released On 2010/07/22
There are a few minor bugs with the textures, sometimes cubes get drawn with a few sides missing textures, that and for some reason the music won't loop, these errors are of small importance and won't hinder the gaming experience.
Control Keys
Left & Right to Move
Z to Jump
A to Drink Energy Canteen
C to Talk/Examine
V to Talk or Skate
Enter to Accept Option

Function Keys
F4 for Full Screen/Windowed

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