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2012/12/17 = Happy 25th Anniversary
Wish you could be playing the MML3 Prototype for Mega Man's 25th anniversary today? Well, we've worked all day long to bring you just a very rough taste of what it could have been like.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2012/11/25 = Hail To A Champ
After 11 months, Foo-roo's Flight has finally reached 100 downloads! Major congrats to Music_Swashbuckler, the only person to submit any scores for the game thus far!
- Category: Miscellaneous Other

2012/10/20 = A New, Online Multiplayer Game Arrives!
A new game has been added to the Arcade, courtesy of mltmlt22! Gesellschaft Defense is a simple but challenging addition to the Legends fan game scene, the focus of which is the online multiplayer that allows Servbots everywhere the chance to connect and defend their home together!
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2012/06/10 = More Classic Reavers
As you may know, I've been extremely busy with TLT lately but the rest of The Main Gate is not forgotten. Today I programmed two new reaverbots for Megaman Digger. That means graphics and code are now complete on all the Classic enemy reaverbots! I also fixed a simple but nasty bug that could kill all use of special weapons. Ouch.
- Category: Game Development

2012/05/04 = More Signs Of Life
I found Megaman Digger had some graphical issues on my new computer so I sorted them out and also programmed a new "classic" reaverbot.
Megaman Digger Nitrool
- Categories: Game Development & Media Addition

2012/04/01 = TLT First Demo!
After months of silence, we're ready to unveil the first playable demo of Tuttle's Legendary Travels. Check it out! DOWNLOAD More news soon! [April Fool's]
- Category: Miscellaneous Other

2012/02/22 = Another Glimpse Of Digger
The current demo of Megaman Digger hit 800 downloads today! To commemorate the occasion, figured it wouldn't hurt to show off some of the progress of late.

Megaman Digger

For the most part I've been working on a variety of obstacles/hazards. You can see fire traps and breakable platforms in the above image, plus I threw in a shot of a new reaverbot programmed just today!
- Category: Game Development

2012/01/31 = A Journey Begun Long Ago
After seven years in the making, it's
Skate Or Cry

Okay, so it hasn't actually been worked on for seven years, but it was 2005 that the first, pathetic, little demo for this game hit the web. There've been a lot of very long progression lulls between then and now, and I'm sorry about that. The 0.3 demo was actually a really big hit though, rating well (5/5 Skulls) and accumulating well over 100 submitted scores! I can only hope that the finished product will be as enjoyed and successful!
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2012/01/01 = A Look To The Future
Tuttle's Little 5-Island Adventure has been cancelled, but if you played through the demo yesterday then you got a heads up that we're keeping the Tuttle spirit alive. Tuttle's Legendary Travels is a new project that totally re-envisions the Tuttle concept and will carry the adventure into 3D as a full Legends style action game.
Tuttle's Legendary Travels

It's going to be a while before we have anything solid to show, but you can check out the full announcement details on the forums.
- Category: Game Development

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