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2008/12/07 = Megaman Digger Demo Available Now!
As of December 2nd when I officially gave up attempting to make my Alternate Trigger goal, I decided instead to focus on getting a playable Megaman Digger demo out ASAP as an apology of sorts.

Like Alt Trig, further progress for Sky Pirate Arcade is likely to slow down over the holidays, but I hope you enjoy the demo and get excited about the future of Megman Digger! More information can be found in the Sky Pirate Arcade thread on the forums. Feel free to leave a comment while you're there.
- Category: Game/Demo Release

2008/11/19 = New Game, Megaman Digger!
A new full-length game has begun to take shape this past week or so. It's not ready for a demo release yet, but here's a screenshot:
Megaman Digger

Name of the game is Megaman Digger, a 2D platformer that is literally a blend of Classic, X, and Legends. More as it develops.
- Category: Game Development

2008/10/25 = Puzzle Project Pushes Forward
Just wanted to let you know that progress for the puzzle game mentioned previously has been tremendous since then, and furthermore the game has evolved a lot along the way. With Blyka leading the project I'm not allowed to share anything yet, but it's shaping up to be something big. There's going to be a lot more than just puzzles to this game. Please look forward to it!
- Category: Game Development

2008/10/05 = A New Game Project Is Born
Yesterday Blyka had a sudden impulse to take an original game he had begun but never finished, and turn it into something useful for Sky Pirate Arcade. I loved the idea and immediately dove into spriting the main character, and so a new game is officially in the works and well on its way for the site! The genre is Puzzle. More details later.
- Category: Game Development

2008/07/25 = Sky Pirate Arcade Opens!
Kobun Card was completed at last yesterday, and thus Sky Pirate Arcade is born! Already I think this site has more going for it than much of the old Main Gate did. Here's to the future!
- Categories: Web Site Update & Game/Demo Release

2008/07/08 = Site Approaching Launch
Sky Pirate Arcade's layout has finally received its final and most important elements, thus completing the look. Many of the pages are in place now as well and the rest should be ready in another day or two. Only the finishing touches to Kobun Card are required for the site to go public now!
- Category: Web Site Update

2008/06/21 = Kobun Card Progress
Work on Kobun Card is going extremely well and the game will hopefully be finished soon. Along with Launch the Drache! (already an old game), Kobun Card will be one of the two completed games available for download when Sky Pirate Arcade launches.
- Category: Game Development

2008/04/21 = Sky Pirate Arcade, Decision!
It has been decided, the third sub-site to round out The Main Gate will be Sky Pirate Arcade, focusing on fan made games and demos. This will keep the Launch the Drache! game going, and hopefully make for an awesome site as more games are added.
- Category: Web Site Update

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