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Megaman Digger

Icon Project Status: In Development
Created by fAB, made with Game Maker
File Size: 12.5MB

Classic, X, and Legends come together in this 2D platformer that blends the best of all worlds. When the Flutter touches down on a remote island Megaman and company will find themselves in a small town surrounded by a highly active reaverbot population. Spreading out from the island's center are several paths and ruins to explore in different settings around the island.

Play as Megaman, starting out with limited means and collect zenny in the path levels to upgrade weapons and equipment in preparation for the more challenging ruin levels which are uncovered as you go.
- Complete Megaman Movement Engine
- Freely Explore Various Locations
- Talk and Interact With People and Objects
- Battle Numerous Types of Reaverbot, 2 Bosses
- Upgrade Weapons and Equipment
- All Original Classic/Legends Hybrid Music

Features Planned for Future Releases:
- 4 Path Levels with Classic Styled Mini-Bosses
- 4 Ruin Levels with Classic Styled Major Bosses
- Online High Score System
- Much, much more!

Megaman Digger Title Screen Megaman, Roll, and Data in Town Megaman Battling Jakkos and Their Nest Frongel Patrol the West Path Jungle

Additional Media For This Game: Artwork | Videos | Screenshots


Release Notes
Version 0.5 - Publicly Released On 2014/02/10
After far too long, the new demo arrives featuring an entirely new engine built from scratch, and an overall expansion of the existing content. I sincerely hope it was worth the wait.
Version 0.3 - Publicly Released On 2009/09/09
Here at last is the long anticipated release that delivers a more complete and expansive feel for the game. More to explore, more reaverbots, more polish. It also showcases the custom music and FMOD Sound System which are key elements of the game's atmosphere.
Version 0.2 - Publicly Released On 2008/12/07
This is more or less a basic game engine tryout demo. Some of the elements may be temporary or still require further tweaking, but it gives the player a feel for the movement, graphics and setting of the game.
Version 0.1 - Not Released Publicly
Starting with Blyka's Skull Man Example and inserting Megaman Trigger sprites from Namco X Capcom, this was quite a hilarious waste of a few hours. However, jumping around and shooting as Trigger was enough to set the wheels in motion for the actual game concept and development.
Control Keys
Left & Right to Move
Z to Jump
X to Shoot Buster
C to Shoot Special Weapons
Up to Talk/Interact
Down to Roll/Skate
Enter to Pause or Confirm

Function Keys
F8 to Reset the Game
F2-F4 for Screen Sizes

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