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The Master System

Icon Project Status: In Development
Created by Rockman Striker, made with Blender Game Engine
File Size: 61.2MB

An unidentified Unit has become aberrant on Elysium and is out to destroy the Master and his System, along anyone who might stand in its way. Take control of Mother Units Yuna and Sera and defend the System in this Legends gameplay style 3D action game!

Links: TMS Official Site | TMS On Facebook
- Play as Mother Units Yuna and Sera, each with unique abilities!
- Battle reaverbots galore in Irregular Hunter Mode.
- Mega Man Legends style gameplay!
- Play around in the debug room.

Test Room Interactions Yuna Battling Reaverbots Mission Complete!

Additional Media For This Game:
Alpha Version Video | Irregular Hunter Mode Yuna Video | Irregular Hunter Mode Sera Video


Release Notes
"Balfura" Build - Publicly Released On 2016/06/13
A test build.

"Amistal" Build - Publicly Released On 2014/09/23
A test build.

Beta Version 1.0 - Publicly Released On 2012/11/20
First public beta.
See in-game info for details.

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