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Kobun Card

Icon Project Status: Complete
Created by fAB, made with Game Maker
File Size: 7.85MB

A Servbot and Birdbot compete in a simple memory match game of luck and skill.

Play as the Servbot and try to flip more matching pairs and earn combo bonuses to pile up the points. Use Points to keep progressing through the Rounds, or quit while you're ahead, it's up to you.
- Match your memory against Birdbot's AI
- Play up to 10 rounds to receive an ending
- Turn Sound FX on or off and change music anytime
- Submit your scores to the online score table and see how you rank

Kobun Card Title Screen It's a match! Good job! Lots of cards flipped Scene from the ending


Release Notes
Version 1.0 - Publicly Released On 2008/07/25
Not likely to be a community hit, but I went for it due to its simplicity which served me well in helping me learn a lot about the learning process of Game Maker, and in turn getting a finished game out in time for the launch of Sky Pirate Arcade.
Control Keys
Mouse for Interaction
Up Arrow to toggle Sound FX
Left, Right, & Down Arrows change Music in-game.

Function Keys
X Clears Local Scores
R to Reset the Game
F4 for Full Screen

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