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Foo-roo's Flight

Icon Project Status: Complete
Created by fAB, made with Game Maker
File Size: 8.82MB

Game Description
The ruins are gonna blow, and it's up to the meekest of reaverbots to minimalize the damage! Get ready to play THE MOST UNFORGIVING GAME EVER! It's a race against the clock as you traverse maze-like ruins, picking the best route and closing off corridors as you go. But you're a Foo-roo, so one bump into the walls and you're history!
- Three Ruin Levels of Varying Difficulty
- Balance Speed & Caution for an Intense Challenge
- Global Online High Score Charts

Foo-roo's Flight Title Screen Foo-roo's Flight Level 1 Ruins Foo-roo's Flight Level 2 Sub-gate Foo-roo's Flight Level 3 Underground


Release Notes
Version 1.0 - Publicly Released On 2011/12/22
Just a little mini-game, a lot more interesting than its original concept but also scaled down in the interest of faster completion. Far more work went into it than it appears. It is what it is.
Control Keys
Arrow Keys to Move
Spacebar to Interact
Enter to Pause

Function Keys
F4 to Change Screen Size
F8 to Reset the Game

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