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Create Your Own Games

Sky Pirate Arcade is all about expanding the Mega Man Legends fan game scene, not only by creating new games for fans to enjoy but also by encouraging fans everywhere to take up their own projects. This page is here to help interested creators get started with their games, with tips on where to begin, MML resources to download and use, and even some advice from veteran fan game designers.

Where to Start
If you're new to the fan game scene, then you probably don't have the programming skills to code your own game from scratch. You'll want to make use of one of the many game engine options available out there, as well as other software for asset creation. The programs listed below are all available for free or have free versions, and have plenty of tutorials and examples around the web.

For 2D games, many SPA games use Game Maker 8, while many people prefer Construct.
For 3D games, we recommend the Unity engine.
For creating and animating 3D models, we recommend Blender.
For 2D sprite work & textures for 3D graphics, try The GIMP.

Legends Resources
If you've got an idea and have acquired the right tools for the task, you're going to need some Legends assets to make your game a Legends game. We have a modest collection of resources available that will help get most projects moving.

Sprites | Models | Textures | Music | Sounds

If you have your own Legends game assets you'd like to share with the community, do get in touch with us!


Keep in Mind
These tips may seem like common sense, but it's remarkable how many fan game projects fail because they ignore these basic concepts.

The bigger the vision, the harder it is to fulfill. There's nothing wrong with creating a small game. They can be loads of fun, and still require a surprising amount of work to see through. Deciding that you're going to make Legends 3 yourself since Capcom isn't, without significant prior experience, is not realistic.

It's nothing short of embarrassing to see someone post about their big game idea and think that programmers and artists should flock to them and do their work for them while they themselves would just oversee and guide progress. If you don't have the abilities needed to make a game on your own and aren't willing to learn, rethink your project or abandon it before it begins. Remember it's YOUR project, and YOU need to make it happen.

It's a good idea to share your ideas in a public place and receive feeback that will help improve your game. It's not a good idea to post about your idea the moment it comes to mind, however. Far too many people share their fan game plans before much or any work has been done on it. The more work you have to show when your project goes public, the more confidence it will inspire. People who see actual work has been done will believe you're serious about the project and will be more likely to leave you encouraging and useful feedback instead of pure skepticism. Inspire enough confidence and you may find people willing to help you out.

When you have completed a full game or substantial demo, send it in to the Arcade through our submissions page!
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