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The Bonnes Win Against Volnutt

Icon Project Status: Complete
Created by Blyka, made with Unity
File Size: 9.8MB

Poor Volnutt, his little pea shooter won't even scratch Teisel's paint job!
Inspired by Fire Man Vs Bass, players take aim with Teisel's cannon and attempt keep Megaman in the air with repeated shots.
- Play right in your browser
- Juicy graphics
- Deceptively addictive gameplay

Title Screen Teisel Bonne Blasts Volnutt Don't Let Megaman Touch the Ground Megaman Is Seeing Stars


Release Notes
Version 1.0 - Publicly Released On 2017/12/25
Initial release, made for the Secret Santa Art Exchange on Legends Station Forums.
Mouse to Aim
Click or Spacebar to Shoot

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