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Bon Ball

Icon Project Status: Complete
Created by Blyka, made with Game Maker
File Size: 8.6MB

Treasures abound, scattered all around various landscapes. Guide Bon as he rolls around through various mazes collecting as much zenny as possible while searching for the exit. The right balance of speed, caution, and thorough exploration will yield the highest score!
- Great for quick play throughs or extended collecting
- Strong replay value: the faster and smoother you play, the higher your score
- Submit your scores to the online score table and see how you rank

Bon Ball Title Screen Desert Treasures Zenny and Bombs Beware the Cannons

Additional Media For This Game: Level 4 Video on YouTube

Release Notes
Version 2.0 - Publicly Released On 2014/09/04
Completely overhauled the game by making the bombs simply damage you upon collision instead of sending you back to start; your Life gauge now behaves as energy instead of retries. Likewise, the timer is simply used as a bonus for completing the level quickly and no longer kills you upon running out. Other improvements include:
-Wall collisions are now perfectly smooth
-Bon can now roll backwards
-Better performance
-Various other tweaks; bombs now stand out better in Level 4 & 5, 960x720 window size support, etc.
Version 1.0 - Publicly Released On 2011/06/10
Control Keys
Left & Right to Turn
Up to Move Forward
Enter to Pause

Function Keys
F1-F4 Change Screen Size
R to Reset the Game

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