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Blumebear's Great Escape

Icon Project Status: Cancelled
Created by fAB, made with Unity

A Blumebear has ended up on the wrong side of the island from the Bonnes' latest raid. With the island's defense force on its way, time is limited.

Take control of the Blumebear, finding and fighting your way through the various areas of the island to meet up with the rest of the Bonne forces. Be sure to make Miss Tron happy by collecting as much loot as possible along the way.
- Full 3D Movement Engine
- Play as different Blumebears with unique attributes
- Plunder and profit, Misadventures style
- Switch control modes for greater maneuverability
- Hop out and explore tight places as a Servbot

Cancellation Notes:
The game went through repeated reconstructions and never did attract much attention.

Blumebear's Great Escape Title Screen Draches Carry Blumebears Through the Sky! Speed Blumebear Fires At A House Servbot Grabs Zenny On Foot

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Release Notes
Version 0.7 - Publicly Released On 2013/05/03
This should be the final time the entire game gets rebuilt. This release features everything available in v0.6, redone with greater polish and efficiency, plus a few new features, most notably Servbot functionality and zenny collecting.

Version 0.6 - Publicly Released On 2011/07/25
The game has officially gone 3D! This release is a step back from what you could do in v0.5, (there's no enemy to face, etc.) and it's still unpolished and has a few glitches to speak of, but it's still better than ever! An online score system has been added, though at the moment it's just a placeholder since there's no serious scores to snag.

Version 0.5 - Publicly Released On 2009/07/25
Four years after the original demo release, this game has been redesigned and recreated from the ground up. With greater attention to details, improved graphics and controls, and a whole new concept that should make things much more enjoyable than merely wandering around tedious mazes. This demo does not feature playable levels, but is only intended to give a feel for the new features and the direction the game is taking.

Version 0.1 - Publicly Released On 2005/07/11
Originally intended to be a mini-game for the old Launch the Draches! site, it was known as Blumebear's Maze Craze. This was a two-level demo featuring the Blue Blumebear with 4-directional movement. The object of the game was to find your way through mazes, utilizing firepower where necessary to open new paths in a race against the clock.
Control Keys
Left & Right Arrow Keys-
Drive: Steer Left/Right
Turret: Rotate Left/Right

Up & Down Arrow Keys-
Drive: Move Forward/Back
Turret: Aim Arms Up/Down

S to Exit/Enter Blumebear
Z & X to Shoot
Shift to Change Modes

Function Keys
F1 for Full or Windowed
F8 to Reset the Game

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